Tooth Extractions


Biologic Extractions of Infected Teeth

Biologic extraction of infected teeth includes certain steps to optimize healing after an extraction and increase bone and tissue regeneration. On the outside of each tooth is a periodontal ligament. Teeth are not directly attached to bone, but are connected with intertwined fibers from the tooth and fibers coming out of the bone to make what is called the periodontal ligament (also known as the PDL). In traditional dentistry it is standard for the PDL to be left behind in an extraction, but the PDL should be removed as a preventative measure. The PDL retains bacteria from the infected tooth, inhibits bone regeneration and healing, and can lead to the formation of jaw bone cavitations.

Extraction Technique

The extraction site will be pre-scrubbed with betadine.  After removal of the tooth the bone is curetted to remove the periodontal ligament and a mm of bone around the bone to ensure all bacteria has been removed.  Irrigation with saline and OZONE in the socket to sterilize.  The socket is finally Lasered with PeriLase MVP-7 laser to promote post healing.

  • Prescrub w/ betadine
  • Septocaine anesthetic
  • Non traumatic extraction technique
  • Currette bone to remove periodontal ligament
  • Irrigate with sterile saline
  • OZONE in socket to sterilize
  • Laser clot socket with PeriLase MVP-7 laser
  • NutriBiotic DefensePlus 1/1/1  w/ meals – Natural Antibiotic
  • SP Multizyme 1/hour between meals for healing  and inflammation

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